Battery Monitoring

Battery Monitoring


Wireless Battery Monitoring

CELLGUARD SYSTEM combines wireless communication with patented, field-proven battery conductance analysis technology. It lowers total cost of ownership while providing the most thorough and easy to access stationary battery health diagnostics offering:

• Real time, 24/7/365, continuous battery system monitoring
• System integration flexibility with advanced notifications
• High return on investment
• System architecture and reporting capabilities
• Managed Services available for in-depth analysis and consultation
• Comprehensive battery system diagnostics

Application compatibility:

• Telecom & DC Plants online
• All UPS applications
• Utility switchgear & communications systems
• Battery voltages down to 1 volt
• Makes compliance with the new NERC standard PRC-005-2 quick and easy

Battery Level Measurements

Conductance Range:
100 to 15,000 Siemens (Mhos)

Test Current:
Approx. 5 Amps RMS

2V Battery Accuracy: +/-10mv
12V Battery Accuracy: +/-30mv

Temperature (negative post):
Range: 0° C to +65°C
Accuracy: +/- 2°C

Strap Resistance:
2 µOhms minimum
Measured in µOhms

String Level Measurements

Range: 18 to 600 VDC
Accuracy: 5%

Discharge Current:
Range: – 15 to 2400A

Charge Current:
Range: 15A to 200A

Ripple Current:
Peak AC ripple detection

Ambient Temperature:
Range: 0° C to +65° C

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