DC Power & Distribution

DC Power & Distribution

Sageon Power Module

Designed to deliver up to 200 amps of power for a -48 volt system or 400 amps of power in a +24 volt system, the Sageon Power Module provides the flexibility to put power where it is needed. The Sageon Power Module also offers the capability to double its capacity with the addition of the Sageon Expansion Module; this module provides the capability to expand up to 400A at 48 volts or 800A at 24 volts. The Power Module consists of a power frame that includes the Sageon Controller, mechanical mounting for up to four Sageon rectifiers, AC input breakers and all inter-system cabling. Installation cost and time are minimized because there is only one component to install. To complete your system simply connect AC and DC and install between one and four Sageon rectifiers and you are ready to go.

Sageon Sentry

The Sageon Sentry Power System is intelligent power. Sageon Sentry, the latest development in the Sageon family of power systems, is simple to operate yet genius in delivering enhanced, built-in intelligence to minimize manual adjustments and measurements, while providing information to manage power. Capable of delivering up to 1,300 Amps of power for +24/-48 volt systems, including up to 60 distribution breakers, all in a single 7 ft. bay, the Sageon Sentry accommodates your changing power needs. The Sageon Sentry’s basic components of smart rectifiers, controller and flexible distribution enable these systems to be easily sized. Available in multiple rack heights, the Sageon family of power system products is designed to fit in virtually any application that demands stable, reliable and easily expandable DC power.

Sageon IPS

The Sageon Integrated Power System (IPS) combines the unmatched capability of the Sageon Power System with the high reliability and long life of C&D’s front access batteries. Designed to deliver up to 400 amps of power for a -48V system or 800 amps for a +24V system along with up to 450 amp-hours of battery back up, the IPS provides a truely integrated solution. The IPS consists of a power cabinet that houses up to 8 Sageon rectifiers, the Sageon Controller, up to 80 points of distribution breakers and up to 3 strings of front access batteries in a single 7 ft. bay. The IPS provides a complete, pre-engineered solution for many power needs, which saves time and money.