Batteries – UPS

XT Series

The XT series batteries provide 0.370 to 7.523 kW/cell at 15 min to meet all your critical UPS backup power backup needs. The XTH Series battery is the newest evolution of C&D’s highly successful XT Series flooded battery that provides higher energy density to meet your growing UPS standby power needs and satisfies your requirements for smaller footprints and 100% end of life capacity, while still providing the reliability and performance you expect in an XT series battery. Available in 2 and 4 cell jars minimizes jar to Jar connections. Options of low or high specific gravity and wrapped or unwrapped plates are available to best suit your system needs.


XDJ batteries are designed for today’s UPS application. The product comes with standard 3 years full plus 17 years pro-rated warranty. The product is easy to install with built-in handles. XDJ batteries feature narrow jars which result in over 32% in rack length savings. XDJ batteries have superior ratings advantage over competition with over 14% higher ratings at 15 minute rates and over 27% advantage at 5 minute rates to 1.67vpc cutoff.


The versatile Liberty®1000 Series VRLA batteries with 0.172 to 2.060 kW/cell ratings at 15 min. have set the standard for long lasting 10 year design life VRLA batteries. The Liberty 1000’s many features contribute to its robust design including: Automated computer controlled thermal cover seal, State of the art cast on strap process that ensures high quality low resistance welds, Copper to copper connects to minimize resistance for high rate applications, Patented post seal design that provides leak free operation, and Automated vacuum and filling operation to assure uniform acid volume distribution and consistent float voltage. These features combined with the 100% cell conductance, voltage, and capacity testing make the Liberty 1000 the superior and most reliable choice for your critical UPS requirements.

High Rate Max

C&D’s Dynasty Brand High Rate Max VRLA UPS batteries providing 91 to 620 W/cell at 15 min have a long successful history of delivering reliable standby power to critical UPS systems. With its patented long life alloy, AGM technology yielding up to 99% gas recombination, Brass insert terminals for better high rate performance, UL recognized flame arresting vents, flame retardant case, proprietary Fixed Orifice Plate Pasting technology for uniform plate performance, and thermally welded case to cover seal, the UPS High Rate Max battery provides a long life, low maintenance solution for your UPS system standby high discharge rate power needs. The High Rate Max product is also available as complete tested systems in the N’Tegrity cabinet solution which have been sized to match standard UPS System profiles and is UL recognized.

High Rate Max Front Access

The UPS High Rate Front Access Series batteries provide the constant power backup that UPS systems require. The high energy density and quality design assure that your business systems run uninterrupted. Features include complete front access terminals for ease of access, 10 year design life, Absorbed Glass Mat ( AGM ) Technology, and flame retardant materials which meet UL 1778 specifications for computer room applications. These batteries are available in 12 VDC sizes from 355 watts / cell to 1000 wats per cell deigns.

MsEndur II

The msEndur ll Series, 280 Ah to 2180 Ah, the true long life 20 year VRLA battery with advanced low float current design provides the highest power density in the smallest footprint in the industry. The msEndur ll inserted copper alloy terminals contain an Ohmic Ring ™ allowing for consistent ohmic reading with standard UL94-V0 Polypropylene cover and container. A full range of various module layouts including 19”& 23” Relay Racks are available. This truly “Green” lead acid battery series is 100% recyclable and due to the low float current design requirement requires 1/5 less KW to operate providing customers significantly lower utility and air conditioning bills over the service life of the battery. The modules have seismic ratings and spill containment systems are available.

Pure Lead Plus Series

C&D Technologies Pure Lead Plus batteries provide superior performance and extended life at elevated ambient temperatures for use were endurance counts.
Features include Pure Lead paste for long life and stable performance, extended life at elevated ambient temperatures, 10 year design life @ 25°C, Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for efficient gas recombination, patented long life alloy having the lowest calcium levels in the industry minimizing grid growth – reducing gassing and extending battery life, flame retardant polypropylene case and covers.
These batteries are available in 12 VDC sizes from 305 watts/cell to 545 watts cell.

Allied Power Associates is please to offer C&D Technologies’ advanced LI TEL Li‐ion batteries pro­vide safe and reliable, high energy density storage, with long life for a wide variety of backup power applications around the world. C&D has used its long standing indus­trial standby power experience with years of research and development to meet the demanding requirements of a today’s new telecommunications installations.


Telecommunications equipment powered from diesel generators in off‐grid or unreliable grid locations

Renewable energy storage systems used to reduce CO2 emissions

Distributed power applications with size and floor loading constraints


BTS: Base transceiver station

OSP: Wireline Outside Plants

CO: Central Office


The LI TEL48-170C is capable of cycling and float service. The battery is designed for paralleling of multiple battery packs for increased reserve time.

High cycle life and deep cycle: For infrastructure powered from high cycle life and deep cycle cost primary energy sources (e.g. diesel generators powered in off‐grid or unreliable grid locations and anywhere energy storage systems are used to reduce CO2 emissions).

Maximum performance float operation: For applications where the grid is reliable the LI TEL series battery float perfor­mance provides the ideal long life, modular standby power solution.

Lightweight, high energy density standby power: The LI TEL series batteries, due to their excellent properties, are the optimal energy storage solution where limited space and or weight are important factors. The LI TEL series are approximately four to ten times lighter and less than half the volume than traditional battery technologies.

Battery management: The LI TEL series battery includes an embedded battery management system designed specifically for standby power that provides State of Health and State of Life indication. The management system operation under normal conditions is transparent; it takes action to disconnect or shut‐down the battery pack to prevent potentially abusive conditions. The battery pack is designed to be used simply as a battery for easy installation and operation.

Environmentally friendly: Lead‐free, recyclable, very high efficiency/reduced energy consumption.

Voltage 48 V
Capacity Typical 173 Ah
Capacity Rated 170 Ah
Energy Trypical 8.2 kWh
Volumetric Energy Density 157 Wh / I
Gravimetric Energy Density 112 Wh / kg
Electrical Characteristic
Operating Voltage Window 42.0 V to 53.9 V
Charge Voltage 52.0 V to 53.9 V
Equalize Charge Not required
Charge Current Maximum 80 A
Discharge Current Maximum 80 A
Charge Efficiency 35°C (95°F) > 98 %
Cycle Life 20°C (68°F) 4,300 cycles @ 80% DoD
Operating Temperature -30°C to 50°C

(-22°F to 122°F)

Store Duration maximum

10°C to 25°C (50°F to 77°F)

12 months automatic refresh charge indication
Physicial Characteristics
Width (without handles)

Width (with handles)

538 mm (21.2”)

564 mm (22.2”)

Height 172 mm (6.8”), 4RU
Depth 564 mm (22.2”)
Weight 72.6 kg (160 lbs)
Battery Terminals (+,-) Two post, M8 threaded studs


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